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Keynote  Speaker, Author, Patient Advocate, Inclusion Consultant, Coach and Mindfulness Facilitator

I help women feeling marginalized obtain leadership roles through the POWER of their VOICE!

Participants will LEAVE feeling DETERMINED, DRIVEN and EMPOWERED!

They will have actionable skills to make a change TODAY!

I am inspired DAILY by the 3D EFFECT! 

Determined to live my BEST LIFE ...

Dynamic when necessary and being able to adapt .

Dialogue all the while creating community through Growth, Mindset and OPEN DIALOGUE.

What People Are Saying...

Daniel Hall

WOW, JUST WOW! We didn't even get to talk about live streaming. I was so enthralled in the autoimmune conversation we had. Deborah had so many answers to help find services for our 6 kids!

Review from the OWWLL App

Annelie Rous,
Rich Women Society, Global Ambassador

Deborah Vick was one of the inspirational speakers in my “Social Impact Leaders” segment of the 24 hour Leadership Summit 2.0 presented by Rich Woman Magazine.  Deborah is an eloquent, likeable and impactful speaker with a pleasant voice.  She has a strong message and delivers it confidently, passionately and succinctly. She answers questions thoughtfully and without hesitation.  I look forward to having her at the next summit.

Elvira  V. Hopper

OMGOSH ... what a POWERHOUSE & BEAUTIFUL SOUL 💖 You will be SO inspired connecting with Deborah Vick! Very grateful to meet her today!

Review from the OWWLL App

Cover of Absolute Will

Deborah Vick is a collaborative Author of Absolute Will - Her Chapter "Why I am Not President of the United States". Focusing on PIVOTAL moments that transforms one's journey.


I am honored to have received nominations for the WEGO #Social Health Awards

A program that helps inspire, educate and uplift new and seasoned advocates!

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Ms. Wheelchair USA Live Competition

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Jeff Zevely

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