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is now available on Amazon!  Please visit the RareABILITY AFFILIATE LINK TODAY!

Image of Deborah Vick and the book Absolute Will with the quote " I still struggle to see my own beauty as I all too frequently say my challenges as faults rather than characteristics that make me unique"

l, along with 20 other women, wrote about our personal stories of resiliency born from overcoming life threatening diseases, obstacles and/or disabling conditions .  

My chapter focuses on one particular emotionally challenging time, the moment I was diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis.

I invite the reader to witness the challenges of the diagnosis, treatments and its impact on my family. This particular story is not one of sadness but of hope, endurance and perseverance. As you will be able to observe how I found my "silver lining" by redefining my personal path and the definition of success.

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