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AECP Level 1 Easy Die Cutting Techniques

I absolutely love Altenew's die cutting panels. They can be used on their own or layered to created intricate detailed work. You will never be disappointed with these products, whether you are using the embossing panels to create subtle to moderate interest on a card or you are using intricate multi-layered die cut panels to make a STATEMENT. It is always amazing, once it is assembled.

For this card, I put forest glade pearlescent Altenew spray on a plastic pallet and used my blending brush on a precut piece of papers. Once it was covered in an evenly green metallic shimmer color, I followed the same method with to create another panel with the Lavender Fields spray. I than used these complimentary die panels to create the double base layer on this cards. (Note, I had to redo this process as the original paper used was too thick for the die panels. I strongly suggest checking the functionality of the paper before creating you own colored panels.)

I used a fine tip glue to align and glue the layers together and to the adhere the double layer to the black cardbase.

In addition to the card base, I incorporated the recently received Build-a- flower Peony, in the lower right hand corner. This flower is raised above the other layers with double sided adhesive. The leaves and the flower were stamped and than cut with dies. The leaves were adhered directly above the double layer die cut while the flower itself was raised higher than all the rest.

The sentiment Celebrate Our Differences was heat embossed in a shimmer black and stamped on a small remaining piece of lavender fields pearlescent paper, of which had been created for the base of the flower.

Note.... the flower was positioned low in the corner so as not to interfere with the detail of the double layered face die cut. The flower initially hung over the edges of the card. I turned it over, thereby allowing myself to the "hanging over portions". I trimmed these pieces with a scissor.

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