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Empowering people with disabilities to unlock their inner Perseverance, Positivity, and Play

 At the Vicktorious Academy, it is our mission is to empower individuals with chronic illnesses and rare diseases to unleash their unbreakable stories. Through a nurturing and inclusive environment, we provide the tools, guidance, and support necessary for them to embrace Perseverance, Positivity, and Play, enabling them to lead their best lives

Join us and experience the joy of living with disabilities and the key to thriving.


Our vision at Vicktorious Academy is to create a world where individuals with chronic illnesses and rare diseases thrive, surpassing the boundaries of their conditions. We envision a society that recognizes the power of Perseverance, Positivity, and Play in transforming lives. Through our innovative programs and compassionate community, we aspire to inspire individuals to craft their own unbreakable stories, leading to a future where everyone can live their fullest, most vibrant lives.

New to Vicktorious

MiniMindfulness Course

This free 5 day course is designed to help people with disabilities learn how to practice mindfulness and thrive despite life's challenges. Gain access to tools and strategies to help you become the best version of yourself and better navigate life's obstacles.


Join us in this journey of self-discovery and personal growth.


As We Prepare to Launch The Vicktorious Academy!

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Your Donations, Assistance and Support allow us to create and Implement Inclusive Skill Building Programs for People of All ABILITIES.

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Vicktorious is a 501 c 3 nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering individuals and communities by collaborating, inspiring, and persevering to strengthen and engage our members. We invite you to join us in our collaborative endeavors!

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