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Empowering Lives, One Moment at a Time: Vicktorious - Where Hope Thrives

Welcome to Vicktorious, where we believe in the power of PERSEVERANCE, POSITIVITY, and PLAY to transform lives. Our mission is to empower individuals living with disabilities, both visible and invisible, by providing mindfulness, education, and empowerment programs. Through our engaging courses in advocacy, storytelling, creative arts, and mindfulness, we aim to inspire and uplift, helping each person live a fulfilling and beautiful life. Join us on this journey of empowerment, where every moment is embraced with hope, and the potential for greatness is realized.

Building Stronger Communities Every Day


At Vicktorious, our vision is to cultivate a world where individuals with disabilities thrive with resilience, empowerment, and boundless opportunities. We envision a society where every person, regardless of their challenges, is embraced with compassion, empowered through education, and inspired to live each moment to its fullest potential. Through our innovative programs rooted in mindfulness, creativity, and advocacy, we aspire to foster a community where individuals with both visible and invisible disabilities not only survive but truly flourish. With hope as our compass and empowerment as our guide, we envision a future where every individual is celebrated for their unique abilities, contributing to a more inclusive and beautiful world.

New to Vicktorious


Martin Vick's Eagle Scout Project

Martin Vick, a Life Scout with Troop 5 in the San Diego Imperial Council created a LEGO table for the Ronald McDonald House in San Diego, CA as part of his Eagle Scout project. He used plans created and shared by Anik's DIY.  Martin chose to make an accessible table for residents at the Ronald McDonald House to ensure children of all abilities have the opportunity to play!


As We Prepare to Launch The Vicktorious Academy!

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Vicktorious is a 501 c 3 nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering individuals and communities by collaborating, inspiring, and persevering to strengthen and engage our members. We invite you to join us in our collaborative endeavors!

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